In French ‘UNE’ means ‘one’. UNE is dedicated to uniqueness. It all started with rocks from famous places such as the Matterhorn, that the two founders collected during what they call ‘rock-picking tours’. Every dial produced from the picked rocks is unique, its beauty and its story a one-off. Over the years, UNE has developed its products and service to a point where a unique timepiece can be matched to the beauty of any natural rock dial as well as to the customers taste. Today UNE manufactures watches on demand with dials from a great variety of natural rock and crystallized Osmium in the former cellulose factory Attisholz in Riedholz, Switzerland.

Who‘s UNE

From the first drawing to the finished timepiece. From the raw rock to the unique watch dial. Our team and LOCALOGIC experts control every step of the way until a masterpiece is born. Design, watchmaking and engineering, rock-picking, ultra-thin slicing and polishing, hardening gold parts and gemstone setting, assembly and quality control. Even IT tools like the UNE Creator are developed in-house to accurately visualize every UNE before it is crafted. For you.

D4_3_1-Bild-Marc D4_3_1-Bild-Marc-aspect-ratio-520-600
Marc Frehner
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D4_3_2-Bild-Freddy D4_3_2-Bild-Freddy-aspect-ratio-520-600
Frederic Bürgi
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D4_3_3-Bild-Matthe D4_3_3-Bild-Matthe-aspect-ratio-520-600
Matthäus Friedli
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D4_4-Bild-Michael D4_4-Bild-Michael-aspect-ratio-520-600
Michael Stücheli
Software Craftsman
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